Children’s Foot Problems

The human foot is a very complicated part of the body and the feet of young children are soft and pliable, so abnormal pressures can cause the foot to deform. The first year can be very important in the development of your child’s feet.

Common foot complaints your children may have

Foot pain and symptoms in children are not common compared to adults because of the flexibility and resilience of their tissues. Ingrown toenails can occur and will likely need appropriate treatment. Growing pains in the legs are a common complaint often causing a deep aching pain in the legs during the night. Calcaneal apophysitis (Sever’s disease) and Osgood-schlatters disease are two common problems that children have because of their rapid growth. Plantar warts are also a very common and easily treatable problem.

What if my child has flat feet?

Flexible flatfoot in children is usually painless in younger children, but can be the source of aches and pains as they grown and get older. If you notice that your child’s feet are rolling in at the ankles (pronation), this may be a cause for concern. In the majority of cases, most children will grow out of this, but some do not. Treatment with foot orthotics are indicated if the pronation is severe.

What can I do about shoes?

The most important factor when you buy shoes for your children is that they fit. Some of the key features that we recommend when fitting your children for shoes include: having their feet measured every 3 months, having adequate space between the front of the shoes and the longest toe, have a strong heel counter (back part of the shoe), flexibility across the balls of the feet, breathability and rounded toe boxes.

When should I bring my child to Mount Joy Foot Clinic & Orthotic Centre?

We love to see kids, even if it’s just for an assessment. It’s especially important that you bring your children in to see our Chiropodist if: shoe wear is uneven, lumps and bumps are evident on the feet, pain in the feet or legs, regular tripping or falling, skin or toenail problems are evident.

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