The Orthotic Process

The Orthotic Manufacturing Process:

  1. Patient History: Getting an understanding of your main problem and understanding your medical background will help us to getting you back to standing, walking and running correctly.
  2. Examination: The Chiropodist will go through a complete biomechanical evaluation that will include weight bearing, non-weight bearing and walking (gait analysis) pattern. This information is extremely important in determining how prescribe your custom foot orthotics.
  3. Casting: Your feet will be casted using either plaster of paris bandages, foam box or our new Envisic VeriScan 3D laser scanner. Having a precise and accurate representation of your foot and foot deformities is critical to the orthotic process.
  4. Prescription: The Chiropodist will discuss different options of designing your custom orthotics ranging from the colour of the top cover to the stiffness of your orthotics.
  5. Production: Your order is sent to the orthotic lab to be hand crafted by a certified orthotic specialist.
  6. Dispensing: Your custom orthotics are fitted to your shoes by the Chiropodist. A discussion about how to break in your new custom foot orthotics.
  7. Follow ups: We will follow up with you regularly to ensure your custom orthotics are helping you. Adjustment to your device are made when necessary. Custom foot orthotics should be replaced approximately every 3 years depending on how often you use them.

Our Registerd Chiropodist can provide you with ALL prescriptions and documents required by your extended health provider for insurance re-imbursement.

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