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Reasons for Foot and Ankle Swelling

There are many reasons why someone may be dealing with swollen ankles or feet. A sprained ankle is the most common cause of ankle swelling; however, not all causes are apparent. If you aren’t dealing with a foot or ankle injury, you may be wondering what could be causing your swelling. Along with determining the cause of your swelling, it’s also important to recognize warning signs of a potentially dangerous health problem.

Here are some possible reasons why you may be dealing with foot and ankle swelling.

You’re pregnant
It’s normal for there to be a little bit of swelling in the ankles and feet due to extra fluid and pressure placed on the body from the developing uterus. Swelling is more common for women in their third trimester, especially during the weeks leading up to delivery or hotter months. However, it’s essential to keep an eye on your swelling to make sure it’s not severe or appearing suddenly. If you notice significant swelling of the feet and ankles along with stomach pain, nausea, vomiting or headaches, call your doctor right away. Sudden onset swelling could be a sign of high blood pressure (known as preeclampsia).

You have a foot or ankle injury
Ankle injuries are a common reason why people often turn to a chiropodist. Everything from strains to sprained ankles and fractured bones in the foot can lead to sudden swelling after an injury. It’s a good idea to ice the injury to help reduce swelling. If you have severe pain or trouble walking along with your swelling, you should see a chiropodist immediately.

You could have a blood clot
A blood clot in the leg, often known as deep vein thrombosis, can stop blood from flowing through the legs back to the heart. As a result of the blockage, this can lead to swelling in the ankles and the affected leg. Since a blood clot can be particularly dangerous, you must seek immediate medical attention if you have leg pain, fever and any colour change in your leg along with swelling.

You may have heart or kidney disease
It is possible that swelling in your feet or ankles could be warning us of problems with your kidneys, liver, or heart. If you find that your ankles start to swell at night, your body could be retaining both salt and water (a possible sign of heart failure). When kidneys don’t function properly, excess fluid can accumulate within the body and lead to swelling. If you notice swelling along with weight gain, loss of appetite, and fatigue, then you should talk with your doctor.

These are only some of the reasons why you may be dealing with foot and ankle swelling. Other causes could be,

- Consuming too much salt
- Sitting or standing for too long
- Side effects from certain medications
- An infection (more common in those with diabetic neuropathy)
- Weak or damaged veins in the legs

If you are dealing with severe or recurring foot and ankle swelling, it’s important that you see a chiropodist immediately to find out what’s going on and catch potentially dangerous problems as soon as possible.

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