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Foot and ankle pain is not normal. Healthy feet are important for daily living and an active lifestyle. Mount Joy Foot Clinic & Orthotic Centre provides complete foot and ankle solutions. Our Chiropodists work together with you to provide education and treatment options with long-term solution to your foot and ankle problems. At the Mount Joy Foot Clinic & Orthotic Centre, we treat various foot and ankle problems in a safe and clean environment.

Serving Markham, Stouffville and York Region since 2008.

At Mount Joy Foot Clinic & Orthotic Centre, our team of foot care specialists keeps up-to-date with current evidence-based treatments. We work with you to individualize a treatment plan for your foot and ankle care. Our Chiropodist will focus the necessary time and effort to listen to your problems. Our Chiropodist also provides a complete Podiatric exam. From the moment you step into the clinic to the time that you leave, our goal is to provide each patient with a positive experience and feeling better about their feet.


Lunula Laser for Toenail Fungus

Shockwave for Heel Pain

Swift Microwave for Warts

ONYFIX Nail Correction System

Custom Foot Orthotics

Sigvaris Compression Stockings

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  • Shagana Viveack
    B.Sc, D.Ch

    Shagana Viveack our part-time Chiropodist availabe to help you on Saturdays. 

    Shagana completed her Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc) at The University of Western Ontario in 2015 then went on to get her Diploma in Chiropody (D.Ch) at The Michener Institute of Education at UHN in 2019.

    Shagana has worked at Mount Joy Foot Clinic & Orthotic Centre as a Chiropody assistant during summers as well as a student intern during her final year at the Michener Institute. Shagana is looking forward to her transition as a Chiropodist. Shagana has worked in both private and public healthcare settings (Barrie family health team) and is an expert in wound care and loves helping patients get back on their feet! 

  • Suleman M. Bhatti

    Suleman grew up in the Town of Markham and has been providing the surrounding community with the comprehensive foot care since 2008.

    Suleman obtained a strong scientific foundation after earning a Bachelors of Science degree with honors from the University of Toronto in 2002. Suleman has always had a keen interest in health care and caring for others. In the summer of 2007, Suleman graduated from The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences as a Chiropodist at the top of his class and was awarded the Board of Governors’ Gold Medal Certificate for Chiropody.

    The combination of didactic knowledge and applied experience obtained has provided Suleman with a high degree of knowledge regarding the human feet and its various disorders. Suleman has a particularly strong interest in Diabetic Foot Care, Wound Care, Biomechanics and Custom Foot Orthotics.

    Suleman regularly upgrades his knowledge of Podiatric care to keep updated with the latest trends and technology available in foot care. This knowledge and skill is filtered back to treating his patients.

Featured Articles

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  • Warts

    Most foot warts are harmless, even though they may be painful. They are often mistaken for corns or calluses, which are layers of dead skin that build up to protect an area which is being continuously irritated. A wart, however, is caused by a viral infection which invades the skin through small or invisible ...

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  • Work Footwear

    Work shoes are available in many shapes and have unique features and materials designed for specific occupations and uses. Thick leather boots with steel toe boxes are designed to protect your feet. Boots with varying degrees of traction are also available.The American Podiatric Medical Association offers ...

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  • Your Feet at Work

    Productive workers depend on their ability to walk and move about safely, with ease and comfort. When your job requires you to stand on your feet for long periods, work in potentially hazardous areas or with potentially hazardous materials, you have some increased risk of foot injury. You can do a ...

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  • Women's Shoes

    The best shoe for women's feet is a walking shoe with laces (not a slip-on), a composition sole, and a relatively wider heel with a rigid and padded heel counter, no more than three-quarters of an inch in height. Some women inflict punishment on their feet from improper footwear that can bring about ...

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  • Walking and Your Feet

    About 67 million adults in this country have discovered that walking is one of the most fun, natural, and inexpensive ways of keeping your health—and your feet—in top shape. Walking can be enjoyed almost anywhere, any time, and year around. It's also a good way to get exercise, particularly for people ...

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  • Xanthomas of the Achilles Tendon

    Xanthomas are cholesterol deposits that appear in the Achilles tendon. High cholesterol levels can cause the formation of these cholesterol deposits, which appear as small lumps. Aside from treating the underlying cholesterol problem, treatment for xanthomas may require taking a biopsy of the lesion ...

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  • X-Rays

    X-rays help determine whether a bone has been fractured or damaged by conditions such as an infection, arthritis, or other disease. Other reasons for conventional X-rays on your feet are to: Evaluate changes in the bones from infections, arthritis, or other bone disease. Assess whether a ...

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  • Venous Stasis

    Venous stasis is a loss of proper function in the leg veins that normally carry blood back toward the heart. This may occur following injury to the veins, which may lead to blood clots in the superficial veins (known as superficial phlebitis) or blood clots in the deep veins (known as deep venous thrombosis). ...

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  • Wear Patterns

    Examining old shoes before buying new ones can help you evaluate your wear patterns and buy new shoes with a better fit and style that compensates for the stresses you place on shoes. What are your shoes trying to tell you? Here is a translation of basic wear patterns: A bulge and wear to the side of ...

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  • Women Over 65

    Older women have more trouble with their feet than younger ones, often because fat pads on the bottom of the feet tend to deteriorate in the aging process. Many foot problems for older women can be alleviated simply by wearing properly fitted, well-constructed shoes that provide cushioning and have a ...

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