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  • Are You Struggling with Heel Pain?
    Heel pain is a common foot problem that podiatrists often treat. Knowing the cause of your pain is important in determining the most effective treatment method. Even if the pain Read more
  • Treating and Preventing Peripheral Artery Disease
    Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a condition that often affects blood flow to the legs due to the narrowing of the arteries. PAD is caused by atherosclerosis, a serious condition Read more
  • Choosing the Best Custom Orthotic Provider
    Your doctor prescribed you custom orthotics for your pain and now start the search for where to get them made. You may be asking yourself, how much are orthotics going Read more
  • Treating Warts
    Oddly enough, there are a lot of Old Wives Tales and folk remedies surrounding warts. Perhaps you’ve even heard of some of them; however, if you end up dealing with Read more
  • How to take care of a Sprained Ankle
    One wrong step and you could just end up dealing with a sprained ankle. A sprain occurs when the ankle suddenly rolls inwards or outwards, which jolts the ankle joint Read more
  • 5 Tips for Healthy Feet in the New Year
    The new year is here, and the journey to burn off the holiday bulge begins. These tips cater to anyone getting back to the gym after a long hiatus.I’ll share Read more
  • Welcome to our Blog!
    Welcome to our Blog. We plan on educating and creating awareness about foot health. Read more

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