What is a Chiropodist? 

A Chiropodist is a primary health care provider educated exclusively in the assessment, treatment and prevention of foot and foot related disorders. Chiropodists provide patients with complete nail and skin care, perform nail and soft tissue procedures under local anaesthetic, and prescribe, dispense and fit patients with custom foot orthotics and/or orthopedic footwear.

What is the difference between a Chiropodist and Podiatrist?

Chiropodists are educated and trained in Ontario while Podiatrists are educated and trained outside of Canada. The two terms are used fairly interchangeably and both are they only regulated foot health professionals in Ontario.

Do I need a referral to see the Chiropodist?

No. Referrals from a physician or another health care provider are not necessary. You can call us at 905-209-8000 to schedule an appointment or book your appointments online. In some cases, we can also accommodate walk-in or emergency appointments. We look forward to seeing you.

Is it recommended to book an appointment?

Appointments are highly recommended. In order to ensure a complete assessment and treatment of your foot and ankle problems, we recommend that you schedule an appointment. Call us at 905-209-8000 or book your appointment online. If you are dealing with an emergency situation, we will do our best to accommodate you as quickly as possible. 

Do you have evening or weekend appointments available?

Yes. The Mount Joy Foot Clinic & Orthotic Centre understands that your schedules can be very busy. We offer evening appointments Monday through Thursday and are available on Saturday by appointment.

What should I expect at my initial consultation?

Your initial consultation consists of completing a medical history form and office policy and consent form. This is reviewed by the Chiropodist and discussed in more detail with you. A complete foot and ankle assessment in conducted and then the appropriate treatment options are discussed and provided. A follow up will be scheduled as deemed necessary for your problem.

Are Chiropody services covered under OHIP?

Products and services provided by a Chiropodist are covered by most Extended Health Care Insurance plans offered by your employer and are NOT covered under OHIP. Additionally, programs such as ODSP, WSIB and the department of veterans’ affairs (DVA) often provide reimbursement of Chiropody services and / or products.

How do know if Chiropody products or services are covered by my Extended Health Insurance plan?

Extended Health Insurance plans vary by employer as to the specific products or services covered under the plan. We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance provider or speak to your HR department to determine the scope of your coverage and eligibility for Chiropody services. In addition to Chiropody services, many Extended Health Insurance plans will provide coverage for custom orthotics, orthopedic or custom made shoes. If you require assistance in determining your coverage, we would be glad to help you.

Can you bill my health insurance company directly?

Most Extended Health Insurance Providers DO NOT allow for direct claim submissions and require that you make payment in full for any services rendered or products dispensed. However, each Health Insurance provider has their own policies and procedures with regards to claim submission. It is in your best interest to clarify your plan details regarding claim submission. If you need help in getting your coverage details or require assistance in submitting your claim, we would be glad to help you.

How can I pay for my visit?

Payment can be made with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Debit or Cash. 

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