Onyfix Nail Correction System

Pain-Free, Non-Surgical Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Ingrown toenails are a common and painful foot problem. Ingrown nails start mostly in the big toenails. Pain, swelling, redness are the initial symptoms of an ingrown toenail, and early intervention will avoid a severe infection from developing. Cutting your nails too far into the corners is the most common reason to develop an ingrown toenail.

Toenails are dynamic and regular exposure to internal and external stress causes them to change shape. Ill-fitting shoes, tight socks, genetics, systemic medical conditions (e.g. diabetes, poor circulation) and smoking are factors that change how our toenails grow. 

Ingrown toenails may need surgery, but not everyone is a candidate for toenail surgery, or some people may have a fear of needles. The Onyfix nail correction system keeps your toenails on track and prevents curling the toenails at the front end. It offers an alternative ingrown toenail treatment. 

The Onyfix nail correction system is a versatile and innovative product that enables completely painless treatment of almost all forms of involuted and ingrown toenails. Our Chiropodist adapts the system individually and fixes it to your nail, which is then brought back into its natural shape as it grows. The whole process is pain-free, during application and throughout the entire treatment!

Benefits of Onyfix Nail Correction

Onyfix nail correction system is evidence-based, pain-free and provides rapid pain relief associated with ingrown toenails. Onyfix corrects the nail through physiological nail growth without exerting a force on the toenail. There are no restrictions after application (e.g. swimming) after treatment, and you can still use toenail polish.

For an alternative ingrown toenail treatment option, book an appointment today to have Onyfix help correct your toenails naturally.

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