Plantar Warts

plantar wart

A plantar wart is a viral infection of the skin on the feet. Plantar warts can be difficult to treat and often get confused with corns or callus. Your immune system does its best to fight the virus. If the plantar wart has not gone away on its own or has started to spread to other areas on your feet, you should seek the help of a Chiropodist or Podiatrist.

How did I get a plantar wart?

Plantar warts appear when your skin is infected with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) through small cuts or abrasions on the bottom of your feet. Being barefoot in shared areas such as swimming pools, showers and changing rooms increases your risk of picking up the virus. Dry, cracked skin or excessive sweating can also increase your chances of getting a plantar wart.

How can I treat plantar warts?

Your body is already trying to fight the infection. However, plantar warts are often stubborn, and our immune system often fails at treating the problem. There are many over-the-counter plantar wart medications that you can try. If you are diabetic or have poor peripheral circulation, it’s strongly advised that you seek a Chiropodist or Podiatrist help before trying any of these products. They can cause serious harm in some cases. Over-the-counter treatments are costly and generally ineffective against plantar warts.

SWIFT Microwave therapy for Stubborn Plantar Warts

What Mount Joy Foot Clinic & Orthotic Centre can do for you.

Do you have a stubborn wart you need to be gone? At Mount Joy Foot Clinic & Orthotic Centre, our foot specialist will take a full history, perform an exam. Once we are confident you have warts, our foot specialist will set up a treatment plan for you. Our Chiropodist will also discuss prevention to avoid getting plantar warts in the future.

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