Strassburg Sock

The night Splint Sock for Plantar fasciitis

Strassburg Sock Plantar fasciitis Heel Pain Night Splint

Heel pain can be stubborn. Pain with the first steps in the morning is getting frustrating by now. You’ve been diligent with wearing good shoes, store-bought gel insoles. You’re probably even massaging your heel pain with a tennis ball or frozen water bottle, but it's just not helping. Are we right? Fear not, the Strassburg sock is here to help.

You’ve probably heard about night splints if you’ve been doing your research on heel pain. The Strassburg Sock is not that. The Strassburg sock fits securely over your calf with two adjustable straps. The heel pain sock keeps your foot and ankle comfortably stretched overnight. What an ingenious concept, treating your heel pain at night while you sleep! You’ll know the night splint sock is working when you can walk to the washroom without limping all the way there.

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What are you waiting for? We have the Strassburg sock for plantar fasciitis in stock for you to pick up today. We’d love to help you tackle your heel pain and plantar fasciitis. We also offer treatment options like MedX Phototherapy, Kinesiology taping, custom foot orthotics and Biofreeze.

Strassburg Sock Wearing Instructions from Dave Strassburg on Vimeo.

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