FOX Laser for Toenail Fungus

Laser is Safe and Effective in the battle against Toenail fungus.

Fox Antifungal and Therapeutic Laser for Toenail Fungus

The winter weather is slowly moving behind us, and the warmer weather is beginning to creep in. Unfortunately, spring and summer are also flip flop season. You don’t want your toenail fungus to be the topic of conversation at the next family barbeque or beach party. Admit it, you're embarrassed by the unsightliness of your toenail fungus.

Fungus is a very opportunistic organism and is very stubborn to get rid of. You’ve probably used several over-the-counter remedies promising to kill toenail fungus , but the nails just continue to get worse. How much longer will you need to continue hiding your toenail fungus under nail polish and forget the problem exists? You may be asking, what can be done?

Laser therapy is your solution for fighting stubborn toenail fungus. We’ve been using the Fox 1064nm Laser since 2014 and has been extremely successful. The joy we see on the faces of our patients when they finally have healthy, beautiful toenails again makes the effort we put in very gratifying.

The Fox 1064 nm Laser kills the fungus living under your toenails and wakes your body up to start helping in fighting this infection. The laser passes through your toenails without harming your nail and surrounding skin.

How is laser therapy different from other treatment options?

There are lots of treatment options for toenail fungus on the market and by prescription. Some of these medications can be harmful to your body if you take them long enough. Oral medications, although effective, may have serious impact on your liver. Topical creams and solutions may only help in milder cases of toenail fungus. Laser therapy for toenail fungus is both safe and effective.

Mount Joy Foot Clinic and Orthotic Centre uses the Health Canada Approved Arc Fox 1064 nm Diode laser. Our Chiropodist will devise an individualized treatment plan for you to finally take care of your toenail fungus.

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