Ultra Thin Bunion Aligner

Pain and discomfort are common with bunions . The ultra-thin day time bunion aligner is an excellent option for early onset bunions that you can wear inside your shoes. The bunion aligner is slipped over your big toe, pulled onto an over the arch and latched to the back of your heel. Once its on, you'll feel the stretch on your big toe. Thin enough to use in all your shoes.

The bunion aligner is made of a special ultra-thin material called power net. It gently aligns your big toe towards its natural position. You'll notice the difference right away. Its made of a breathable material and is comfortable. The bunion aligner kit includes 2 silicone gel toe separators and the bunion walkable night splint. Using both the day and night splint now gives you the option of ALL DAY relief of your bunions.

Our Chiropodist will complete a biomechanical exam and gait analysis to determine if the ultra-thin bunion aligner is the right product for your bunion. We will also recommend the best footwear options for you and assess your need for custom foot orthotics . Call us to schedule you appointment today at (905) 209-8000 of requst and appointment and we'll call you back.

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